A series of portraits inspired by 80s skate culture that join together to form a striking narrative of an extremist cult society and the consequences of their self-destructive behaviors.
Created with Adobe Photoshop CC
Aliens have made contact with Earth and doomed its inhabitants to complete annihilation unless humanity changes it's ways for the better.
Desperate for a way to best correct ourselves, an extremely influential cult forms and begins advocating an extreme lifestyle in order to live our lives to the fullest.
Backed by the mysterious Rumbold corporation, the movement gains momentum and it's numbers swell via immense propaganda campaigns and brute force.
Rumbold's new line of artificial accelerants are able to heighten senses and increase adrenaline production, allowing consumers to truly live life faster than ever before.
Completely unconcerned with personal well-being, humanity begins to turn to more primal sources of adrenaline fueled thrills.
Over time, the consumption of Rumbold products is revealed to have horrible side effects, which only serve to quicken the natural decline of society and loss of all self-control. In a bizarre twist of fate, humanity ends up dooming itself after all.
Created by Joshua Bellas 
All Rights Reserved ©2017

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