Jump in and explore a wide variety of visual scenarios where each choice you make leads you down a vibrantly pixelated rabbit-hole!

Bit Punk started as an assignment I was given in an Interactive Art class in Fall of 2016 here at BGSU. The prompt was to create a site full of art for art's sake and to learn basic web-functionality. So, the site was born and here it is. As my first official step into web-design, this site mainly serves as one big piece of interactive art for the viewer to stroll through at their leisure. 

I took inspiration from low-res 16-bit video games and created a series of digital images with an odd quirkiness that you might find in the world of skate-culture art. My goal was to keep everything cool and funny with just enough wackiness to keep you on your toes. 
Joshua Bellas - Director / Producer / Visual Artist
Kim Young - Instructor / Advisor
*Created in fulfillment of BGSU curriculum*

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