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A short interactive web-game of mine created for an Interactive Art class at BGSU. The site itself was created using exclusively Adobe Dreamweaver where I explored both Javascript and jQuery in an html format.
The player's goal is to deliver the most exciting news headlines possible as a newly hired intern in charge of working the teleprompter. 
I was inspired by the recent presidential election and the accompanying sensationalist headlines that had been bombarding my news feeds and television screens. Quite obviously, the truth was taking a back-seat to the possibility of high ratings and national publicity.

It occurred to me that this kind of journalism has been around for decades in our modern-day televised media. So, I gave the game a 1950s retro theme to keep it relevant  and stylish while not being to heavy-handed in regards to visuals and any implied presidential context.

The voice of the central newscaster was provided by the talented Voice Actor, Travis Lindsey.

I decided to keep the gameplay simple and straight forward with a relatively quick play time and easy replay-ability. Also, this was my first time learning jQuery and I wouldn't have been able to handle much more in terms of coding if it weren't for tips from fellow designer and good friend Ben Lippincott and a wealth of BGSU class resources
Based on the player's choices in the newsroom, they will receive one of three endings that reflects the successfulness in spreading their sensationalist agenda. These endings include "Spilled Milk", "Hair on Fire", and "End of Days".
"Spilled Milk"
"Hair on Fire"
"End of Days"
Joshua Bellas - Director / Producer / Visual Artist
Kim Young - Instructor / Advisor
Travis Lindsey - Voice Actor Contact Link
*Created in fulfillment of BGSU curriculum*

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